Quinton Township Housing Office


Robert Schmid, Housing Officer
Housing Office Hours Are 4:00 P.M. - 5:30 P.M. Every Wednesday
Phone: (856) 935-
2325 ext. 5  Email: zoning@quintonnj.com 

Certificate Of Occupancy Fee for Rental Units Built Before 1979 Will Be $60.00

A Certificate Of Re-occupancy Fee is $80.00
( $20.00 for the NJ Lead Hazard Control Fund is Included in this Fee )

Certificate Of Occupancy Applications may be turned in anytime with the corresponding fee

Applicants must call during office hours to schedule Initial Inspection

 Inspections Are Conducted On Wednesday Evenings

Rental Property Registration Form

Certificate Of Occupancy Application

Certificate Of Occupancy Guideline

2022-03 Amending Certificate Of Occupancy Fees - Lead Paint Changes

Fire Safety Memorandum

Septic Certification Guideline

SCDOH Recognized Qualified Septic Inspectors


Quinton Township Housing Office
P.O. Box 65 - 885 Quinton Road
Quinton, NJ 08072
(856) 935-0272 

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